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Midwest Mooney Services

Here you will find some of the standard services we offer. From an Oil change to an Annual inspection we can provide the service your Mooney needs.

Annual Inspections:

Whether you are the Captain of a Classic short body Mooney M20C or another recent "Marvelous Mooney"M20 R/TN. We have designed our Annual inspection system in accordance with the most recent revisions ofthe Mooney Aviation Company's Service and Maintenance manuals. These task cards are part of our FAA Certified Repair station manuals. From open up to final close up, every task will be accounted for thus assuring

a thorough and timley inspection of your Mooney.

Mooney Model Number                                              Prices:*

M20 C,D,E,F,G                                                               $  1600

M20 J                                                                               $  1700

M20 K,M                                                                         $  1750

M20 R,S                                                                           $  1800

M20 TN                                                                            $ 1850

*Note: Annual Prices do not include serviceable items (i.e. oil, filters, o rings etc.)

Upon completion of the initial inspection portion of the annual a list will be e mailed for you to review. This list will contain the Airworthy items, Recommended items, and a List of Pilot writeups:

1: The Airworthy items are the critical items deemed in need of repair inaccordance with the manufacturers maintenance

manual before the Aircraft can be restored to an Airworthy status.

Example: Rh main tire worn to limits.Removal and Replacement of Tire and Tube required.

2:  Recomended items will let you know we found something that does not effect the airworthiness of your Mooney, but could use some attention.

Example: Evidence of surface corrosion detected inside wing, ACF-50 application recommended.

3:  We will also include a list of all the write ups you relayed to us when you deliver your aircraft to us. This will make sure we take care of all of them. Plus, it will give you a chance to reflect and make sure nothing else comes to mind that may have been


Once we have your approval the items deemed repairable will be complied with in a timely manner. Airworthiness Directive compliance and log book review are included in the annual cost. A copy of the Directive search will be given to you along with

a signed logbook entry in each of your logbooks. If you are interested in scheduling your Annual inspection give us a call at (618)662-3377. Or if you want to fill out a form online go to the Contact Us link above and enter in your information.

Oil Change:


Keep that Engine running strong by changing your oil in accordance with your manufacturers recomended operating procedures. We can service your powerplant with the oil of your choice. We use Tempest(tm) oil filters unless another brand is recomended. Oil additives are available upon request. We begin by removing your old oil and taking a sample to be sent,at your request, to Blackstone laboratories for testing to make sure the metal inside of your engine is staying where it is supposed to. We then remove your filter and cut it open to inspect for any irregularites and install a new filter to the specified torque. We will then service your engine to the proper level with the viscosity oil of your choosing. Then we run the engine to make sure there are no leaks and all indications are within proper limits.




Midwest Mooney charges $85/hr for work performed. An oil change on average is 1-2 hours to complete. The cost of oil, filter, and sample testing are added to this time. Prices vary with different oil types.

ACF 50 tm  Anti Corrosion treatment

We can apply this amazing formula to your airframe to prevent/stop any internal surface corosion which can become an expensive/dangerous problem on your Mooney.